Safety Light Belt, Road Warrior

Wide, highly visible, light augmented vinyl reflective belt. Where you go, We go for Safety!  Be Visible! The inability of drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists is the #1 cause of casualties in the world.


Safety Light Belts for Runners
Not Just Reflective.

The Road Warrior Safety Light belt has a patented light source driver, wide belt design, three light settings increase and produce ultimate visibility, enhanced protection, and superior comfort while running, walking, biking in early morning and evening hours, or late night! Attach hydration bottles or MP3 devices easily.


Night Light Belts
360 Degree Protection.

360 degree visibility is important for Cyclists and Runners safety. The Road Warrior's bright 360 degree flexible light wide high Reflective strip alerts drivers, from all angles, fartheraway. A flat EL lamp augments the vinyle to be seen when it's dark. Used by deployed and active military personel, this product is throughouly tested. The Extra 1000ft of light insures the wearer will be avoided by oncoming traffic. Our patented technology makes this your best buy!


Discover the simple design.

Easy to use, easy to adapt to a wide variety of uses. The wide Reflective Velcro Wrap with built in light source can be used in so many ways. Light the trail, and be seen by others safely. Durable Industrial-strength design has many uses. Protect children playing, pets while walking or running near streets, working next to traffic.

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This product is going viral and is preventing accidents...

June 21 at 2:30pm
Safety Light Belt

A Great Review

I just received your package and I must say the belt is amazing. I shouldn't have turned it on a foot away from my face after having been in darkness for ten hours. I am more than certain this belt will keep me seen during my nightly duties. I am an enlisted aviator for the USAF and fly at night. While walking on the flight line it is a requirement, but also wise considering vehicular movement on the taxiways and parking areas, to wear a reflective belt. I'm also required by regulation, and my own sound judgment, to wear a belt during the hours of darkness while running. For a couple years I've been searching for one that lights up, and I'm happy I was able to find your products. The belt fits what I wanted to the T... and the color is a perfect match for the belt we're required to wear. The Velcro is strong; I like how the light extends into the Velcro so it continues 360° protection even when I make it bigger. Again, I am very happy with the belt and can't wait to utilize it. Thank you!

SSgt N. Moss

June 21th 2:30pm · Like · Comment

What They Say


"Just went for a night run with my safety light belt, loved it, awesome product & super fast shipping too, thanks!

Wade A. Tenn     

"I wear it when I run along the beach road in the dark, it makes me feel safe."
Susy B., Jupiter, FL

 "A must for outdoor athletes, especially our four-legged ones!!! Check it out!"
Linda L. Stuart, FL

"Lucky runs all over this island with his safety light belt on!!!! It certainly helps me keep up with him at nite."
LaRonda O, Key Largo FL

 "Camping with kids or pets it's nice to be able to see them at night around the campsite, and the belt works great to light our tents too!"
Dan S., West Palm Beach, FL

Own the light, Own the night!
The Ultimate Light Protection is giving Drivers more time to slow down and avoid pedestrians.


Road Warrior Safety Light Belt combines reflective and battery illuminated material into a belt with style and comfort , This product is noticeably more visible because of its patented light source. Using conservative DOT numbers: At 60 MPH headlights illuminate reflective material just over 450 ft which is about 3-4 sec. This Self illuminated belt can be seen prior to reflective material adding an additional 550 ft. or more To you this means you are seen sooner! For example: At 60 MPH (88 feet per second) a Runner, Cyclist, or Pedestrian can be SEEN two to three times sooner. That additional three to four seconds, gives crucial warning time. When moments count the Road Warrior, its patented light source, wide belt design and concentrated reflectivity, comfortably give the wearer more presence with time to be seen. More time to be avoided. More Protection 360 degrees i.e. areas LED lights and reflectores don't. BE SAFE, BE SEEN!



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