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Where you Go, We Go! For Safety! Running, Cycling,Walking, Children playing, Camping and more! A Driver's lack of  awareness is the Number One cause of Pedestrian casualty in the World! 


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This product is going viral and is preventing accidents...

Safety Light Belt RoadWarrior:
I believe most accidents are avoidable. I often ponder the anguish families feel when a loved one has been injured or mortally wounded and there was a solution right at hand.

A close aquaintance of mine, Louie of Lakeland Florida was struck and killed at 10:30pm a week ago while riding a bike to a local convience store. He left behind, a Road Warrior belt, and a reflective vest. Both add protection .

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Fatal pedestrian crashes typically peak later in the day, between 5 and 11 p.m., where darkness and alcohol use are factors.

In 2003, 54% of pedestrian fatalities occurred between 4 p.m. and midnight.  Reasons for Pedestrian Accidents

Driver negligence is often to to blame for accidents resulting in pedestrian injury or death. Here are some of the most common reasons for driver negligence.

Often the driver:

* Fails to yield right of way to pedestrians at crosswalks.

* Runs a stop light or stop sign or disregards other traffic control device.

* Is simply not paying attention or is focused on something else like eating, the radio, a   passenger or a cell phone.

* Is speeding.

* Has been drinking or is taking medications.

At 60mph Our product gives an extra six seconds for a driver to respond. . . . . .

At higher speeds, motorists are less likely to see a pedestrian, and are even less likely to be able to stop in time to avoid hitting one. 

Lighted Safety Belts For Night Safety
Products Page



Lighted Reflective Pet Wrap     $18.90   

Medium/Large Breed 45-132lbs. neck 14-23in./43-63cm. 28'' total length              
Designed for Medium to Large Dogs and Horses. This EL Augmented Reflective Pet Collar/ Wrap gives bright reflective and Lighted Night Protection. More visible than a LED dog light.  6'' of Velcro allows for a firm adjustable fit while exercising pets, That's never too tight. Use on Horses legs too!   BUY NOW!          



Extra-Small  Lighted Reflective Belt     $18.90 

Highly Reflective Day Glow Green with AAA battery powered Flat Safety Light. For your child's protection playing, camping, biking outside day or night, too and from school. Dog Agility enthusiasts and Parents enjoy peace of mind because their loved ones are easy to find and have 70 hours of fun and night protection. Keep track of children 1000ft because they are visible at night.  BBUY NOW !    



SMALL  Lighted Reflective Belt     $19.90/span>    <

Waist 23-33in./58-82cm. WWomen XS/S-M, Men 26-29 YYouth 8-11  37 inches total length

''Designed for Youth and Small Adults,H.S.Running practice these bright Day Glow Green Lighted Reflective Belts give Day and Night add visibility! Our EL driver powered with (2) AAA batteries safetly produces patented high voltage Electroluminescence light. Industrial Velcro adds a comfortable fit. Designed for MP3, water bottles or ID pouches. Keep track of your loved ones by making them visible at night and reflective during the day!     BUY NOW !       



Medium Safety Light Belt     $19.90

Waist 30-39in./77-98cm. Women M-XL, Men 30-35 43'' total length

Biking, Running, Jogging, Working this EL Augmented Reflective Belt and Runners Gear gives its user low cost protection from oncoming cars. Attach to a Reflective Vest for added  protection at work, exercise, or play, reduce work place accidents. increase family peace of mind. 1000 ft of Protection through added awareness!   BUY NOW!  



Large Safety Light Belt     $19.90  

Waist 39-46in./98-117cm. Women XL-2XL, Men 36-41  49''   Safety is as important as New Year resolutions. BE SEEN BE SAFE Walking, Biking, Running, Hiking, Exercising your pets, Working dark areas, and Confined Areas. A Cost Effective means to remaining Safe because this Lighted Reflective Belt gives convenient Lighted protection 360 degrees around over 700 feet away. Keep track of workers and loved ones by making them visible at night and reflective during the day! BUY NOW!     



* AAA Batteries Included
* Handling, First Class Mail, E-Mail Tracking, Continental US and Puerto Rico  ADD $4.30


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